Author Topic: what the E series agent can do and how to recover precious metals from solution  (Read 8875 times)


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Eco-Goldex E series agent (compound) is a special chemical compound that is used to strip precious metals from waste materials including the following:
  • E-scraps
    Recoverab le metals include Au, Ag, Pd, Pt from electroni c materials such as junk computers, cell phones, telecommu nication boxes, connector s, jewellery ...
  • Solar panel materials
    Recoverab le materials include high purity mono-Si (99.9% or over), Ag.
  • Car Catalytic converter s
    Recoverab le metals include Pd, Pt...

The stripping process is probably the most simplest approach in the methods available in the market. Just simply dissolve the E series agent in hot water (~40-60oC) with about 5% agent concentra tion in stripping solution.
precious metals that exposed to the stripping solution will be converted into soluble ions in solution.
precious metals in soluble ions can be recovered through three methods:
  • Zinc cementati on
    This method is suitable for any operation al scale and precious metal concentra tion in solution. This is a general precious metal precipita tion process, all precious metals will be dropped off from pregnant solution and each metal will be separated through conventio nal chemical methods. precious metal concentra tion in pregnant solution can be high or low.
  • Chemical Precipita tion
    This method is suitable for most small scale operators and hobbyists . Precious metal concentra tions are usually high in pregnant solution for best precipita tion result.
  • Electrowinning process
    It is recommend ed for large scale and continuou s operation; hobbyist can also use this method through simple electrowi nning cells.
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