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Title: Where are the most valuable components in PCB for recycling
Post by: Eco-Goldex on October 02, 2019, 11:17:09 PM
Basically, Au, Ag, Sn, Pd,Cu is probably the right sequence of commoditi es value in e-scrap material recycling . which metal to recover is usually depends on the operator's facility and technical capacitie s etc.
Eco-goldex provides a sequentia l stripping procedure that will help the operation to recover multiple metal commoditi es in sequence:

Eco-Goldex has analyzed gold/silver/palladium grades in several different common IC chips and bare PCB boards after stripping . Results indicate that all the IC chips container high-grade gold, some of them contain considera bly high silver. palladium grade is not impressiv e or a that high as claimed by some operators . our conclusio n is that for most hobbyists, it will be good enough to recover Au-Ag, Pd can be counted as a credit if the process quantity of high. the bare PCB has not significa nt value since Au-Ag-Pd is low.

Below is a table showing assay results of Au-Ag-Pd (all in ppm unit) grade in various IC chips. These IC chips powder are digested in AR to ensure all metals are completel y dissolved . AR solution is then assayed for Au-Ag-Pd concentra tion with AAS (Atomic absorptio n spectrome try).

  ( contents in various IC chips.png)